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Every region has its own type of grapes and the kind of soil and climatic conditions they thrive in. Discover the top quality wines of the winemakers with the highest reputation and the young, successful winemakers from all the wine producing regions in Umbria.
„Be a miser for vinegar, a wizard for salt, and a spendthrift for olive oil – and mix everything like a fool“ – Olive oil is fruity, has a certain acidity, and its also all right, if it is bitter. Depending on the climate, the soil, and the stage of maturation olives taste spicy or mild, racy or subtle, occasionally bitter as almonds.
Truffles are one of the most expensive gastronomic specialties in the world. Umbria is one vast truffle field and produces different types of truffles.
Perhaps it is the enchantment of the place or a certain mysticism, that can be felt everywhere in Umbria, that earlier or later induces every visitor of this region to believe that Saint Francis, this great, gentle, kind, and poetic saint of joy and gentleness, could only have been born in Umbria.

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